Sunday, January 30, 2011

The plarn crochet plastic bag workshop took place on Jan 29th,2011. This workshop was a great hit for Skraptacular. I was there to witness some very nice and kind ladies that were very patient and helpful to some people who were beginners. One of them assisted me in understanding the objective of the crocheting and how to make different things. From there i could do it very well. i also saw many kids and adults very focused and making lots of progress. Everyone was very engaged in the work and successfully making adornments like celll phone cases and purses. This Skraptacular workshop was very successful with about 30 diverse citizens all entertained with their work. We introduced plarning to a whole community.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Library Workshops

On January 15 we had the plastic bottle flowers workshop, though many people's creativity was sparked and they made more than just flowers. Some other creations were beautiful baskets, various abstract sculptures, mobiles and more. One of the highlights for me was this metal thing, that was pretty much like a screwdriver with a hot tip. When you made even gentle contact with the plastic bottle( even though it's main purpose was as a wood burner)it would burn a small hole in it (you could only use it with adult supervision and if you're older than 12 ). After you've done that you put your scissors in the whole an cut in a circle, so you cut off the bottom. after doing this you're left with the top which is sort of like a funnel. Then you cut the petals. Everyone had different method so all the petals looked different. Since the plastic was so versatile, all the flowers came out fantastic! You could leave the petals as they were( for a tulip like effect), flip them out( to look sort of like a sunflower) and even twist them. The ages were varied but everyone was engaged and came up with creative, original designs. What really made it all so special was that no two flowers looked the same. They will be displayed at the library some time near Earth Day but the exact date will be announced.

Julie, Skraptacular intern

Skraptacular intern, fully engaged at the bottle flower workshop

Plastic bottle flower sculptures. The first of four Skraptacular workshops at the Fort Washington Branch Library on 179th St.
This Sat ( Jan 29th) at 1:00 at the Fort Washington Branch Library Skraptacular will be hosting a Plarn Workshop. Nicky Kram Rosen will be teaching us how to crochet with plastic bags to create handy dandy items like cell phone holders and purses. Here are some pictures from our last workshop. Also, February 12th at 1:30 at Fort Washington Branch Library, "Skraptacular Love Letters to the Planet" using found words and images.

Found words for the "Skraptacular Love Letters to the Planet"
Skraptacular workshop on "Love Letters to the Planet" using found words, images and materials. This workshop was held at the Institute for Progressive Dominicans. These teachers will make "Skraptacular Love Letters to the Planet " with their students in after school for low income students. Their finished creations will then be a part of a large on going community art installation at the Fort Washington Bracnh Library .