Monday, June 6, 2011

World Savvy Global Youth Media and Arts Festival

On Thursday we went to NYU to represent Skraptacular. World Savvy was helping students reuse reduce and recycle. We came with the project of Linking a Community through Sustainability which is a project that unites people by getting together and making links with bottle caps. Our goal is to connect as many communities as possible.On our way to the event we proudly paraded through the streets holding our chain of progress. We were definitely an attention grabber! cool downtown skateboarders took a video of us and while we were in a pizza shop, one of the links broke and scattered all over the tiled floor so that also got a lot of attention. At the end of the day we had doubled our chain. It was a feat to reach the chain across the gallery. Each link was made up of more or less 100 bottle caps. Everyone was asked to write their name,date and their community on a tag ( a re-purposed cereal box) that would be attached to the link that they made. Many people were joined together by the activity. We do feel that we succeeded in linking our community by inspiring consciousness