Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hey Skraptaculators!!!
Skraptacular participated in the annual shearing of the heather at Fort Tryon Park on April 13th, this past Saturday. This celebration takes place every year and honors Scottish heritage and Fort Tryon's heather gardens. Skraptacular was there to raise awareness and get people to contribute to a tapestry made of plastic that we are weaving in preparation for Earth Day. Our tapestry is called, the "Skraptacular Tapestry of No Away." No away refers to people's misconception that they can just "throw things away," when in reality it all piles up at a landfill for generations. Participants used recycled plastic materials, and weaved them into the tapestry. Not only is this the Skraptacular Tapestry of No Away, but also, this relates to the idea of a Scottish tartan!
For more information about the shearing of the heather at Fort Tryon, visit:
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