Thursday, October 13, 2011

Skraptacular Eco Fest

Last Friday on October 7th 2011 we were blessed with a beautiful day for our Skraptacular Earth celebration. It was a day of marching, chanting, singing and raising environmental awareness in Northern Manhattan where residents recycle the least in all of Manhattan.
An enormous heart felt thanks goes out to Camille Wallin, Muscota New School principal and Dede Budd, the principal of PS 178 and all the staff, volunteers and students for supporting this urgent community effort.

Don't cut trees. Eat your peas! - Enrique, Muscota New School
1...2...3...4 Come let's reduce some more! 5...6...7...8 open that reusing gate!
Muscota elders leading the way to the land of no away

Thomas and Tara from Allstar Adventures welcome the marchers.

Enter under the golden arch with an E for Earth over your heart.

#1 cheerleader! Muscota music teacher, Megan Benay

Old friends reunited for a worthy cause

Troy leads the sing-along with Noelina and Jasmin's classes from Ps 178
I loved their creative design for Earth hats!

A Big thanks to all the community volunteers who lead the Earth Fest workshops.
Sarah from Solar 1 came all the way up town to host the Eco Jeopardy Game!
Pamela Peeters worked with students on The Sustainable Planet Eco Hero Project.
Jazmin from The New York Restoration Project gave 2nd and 3rd graders a lesson in planting
Natalie from the Lower East Side Ecology Center giving 3rd graders the dirt on dirt.
Thor from City Science taught Muscota 5th graders how to understand suspension and compression by feeling it.
Poet, Jane Lecroy taught young writers to use nature as inspiration.

Julia Attaway from Friends of Fort Tryon Trust explored our "back yard" to discover nature mysteries.
Ermin from Grow NYC Engaged young people in the Grow NYC Recycle Game. Don't forget, if it doesn't have a neck it doesn't get recycled!
Wilson Martinez from Unwaste NY introduced students to simple and innovative ways to reduce energy use.

Wow! Leisia's class from Muscota made REALLY beautiful signs! Thanks for rallying guys and gals!

A special thanks to all the parents who joined us with Earth loving energy to help keep our kids safe.