Monday, December 22, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Connecting With Out The Paper Trail

Christmas really needs to come every OTHER year. I know...... ba hum bug!  It just seems that in November I begin gaining momentum with my work then BOOM Thanksgiving comes and then preparing for the holidays and then recovering from the holidays.  No matter how hard I try not to get consumed in the consumerism, I get sucked in. My 150 valentines  last year were hand- made and personalized from the molded plastic and paper waste from gift packaging as an attempt to assuage my own guilt. This year I plan to go easy on myself not sending anything out except for maybe an e-mail.  I get great enjoyment from sending small gifts of love but this year it is not happening. I am freeing myself !  Yes, I could just go to Snap Fish down load an image to send to everyone but then there's more paper.
So what am I doing with all my extra time? I am having fun with my photography.  This weekend I used my down time to edit my black and white contact sheets from the fall. After reviewing the images I see that I have a great foundation to work with for my show this spring.  Also, I reviewed images from my New Patriotism series that I started on just after the elections. Initially they were disappointing but going back with an open mind I am quite pleased with the series as a whole. Tomorrow I'm off to Pittsburgh for Christmas with the in-laws. I plan to do a lot of traditions for my life style section on the web site. In early January there are a couple of shoots I have lined up relating to the same topic. I look forward to this winter and all the creative marketing that I will be doing for my new site. Even though we are in a recession that will only be getting worse, we have a lot to look forward to. We just need to reinvent ourselves possibly and learn to lean on one another........ Connecting with out the paper trail!
Lots of love to all my peeps and have a wonderful holiday season. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back to hands on printing

Digital images are not doing it for me lately. They're too disposable. I'm sick of sitting at the computer processing images. Yes, it's faster, cheaper, better for the environment etc.  I'm longing for that tactile quality, the depth, the silver, the whole process that went into making prints from film. This weekend I will venture back into my dark cave after eight years to create salted paper prints on vellum. Typically it takes a few days to make a 5-10 images....... truly a labor of love. For me, it's well worth it. Nothing rivals that tactile quality you get from this process. Also, I've gone back to buying  3200 grainy film (film of choice). Since the film cameras have been sitting in the closet for 6 years they ALL need repair. It's been a slow and frustrating start, costing me a small fortune...... hopefully it will be worth it. Hey, I might even have a show coming up in the spring. Yikes, I wrote it in my blog, I guess now I'll have to really do it.....

Monday, December 8, 2008

Gearing up for the holidays, the new year, the new administration. These are exciting times we're living in.  The craving for human connection, reaching out, real food, hand made possessions, sharing, giving. This is what I envision for 2009.  

Photo by Nicola Ferri 11/5/08