Friday, March 1, 2013

 Hey Skraptaculators and Skraptacular followers! This is Gabi, Skraptacular intern. These are some pictures of recycling and sustainability around the globe. While I was away over seas in Chile, a thin south american country, I noticed that there are ways to reduce, reuse and recycle even 5,106 miles away from the city. Overall, Chile's efforts to recycle are overall good, however in the big cities like Santiago (the capital), Chileans produce 6,000 tons of waste per day! The small towns and organizations are the ones making an impact. I have provided some pictures that I took while I was away.

I traveled to a small eco hotel and restaurant  called "Posada del Parque"in Mantagua,  Chile ( Throughout the property there are signs, reminding you to recycle and small containers, in which to put cigarettes. The first photo is a picture of their recycling bins. To translate, the signs read: red - plastic, green                        - glass, blue - paper and yellow - metal.  The second photo is a cigarette container surrounded by different signs that contain eco friendly facts. The third photo is a close up of one of the signs. It says: Did you know that plastic bottles take 500 years to decompose... help us keep the earth clean.  The next photo is of the 20 or more plastic bottles filled with all of the individual wrappers and small pieces of trash that they have found on the floor. My last photo is of a man in the big city of ViƱa del Mar collecting all of the cardboard boxes he can find to later recycle them. His small cart overflowing with all of the dump from the city.
Until next time, keep doing what you can to clean this world!
Skraptacular intern,

Skraptacular Spring Classes

Skraptacular Studios Presents:  spring classes!
 Toddler Eco-Art Hour
ages 2 -4 years old
Thursdays 10:30-11:30 am
K-5th grade Eco-Art Hour
Fridays 4:00-5:00 pm

Cost: $180 for 6 sessions
March 7th - April 11th

Your child will learn how to.....
  • Sculpt with trash items--from non-recyclable plastic packaging to corks and bottle caps. 
  • Turn scrap paper, catalogs and magazines into precious hand-made journals, puppets, collages and book marks
  • Make magical mobiles out of boxes, broken toys and so much more
  • The most important lesson students will learn, however, is to be a part of something larger than themselves: a movement to tend and protect our planet 

4:30-6 pm
Cost $180 for 6 week session 
March 7th - April 11th

    Trashion Fashion Thursdays
    ages 11-14
    4:30-6 pm
    Cost $180 for 6 week session 
    March 7th - April 11th 

    • Design garments, jewelry, hair pieces and purses
    • Explore with unconventional materials such as fused plastic, shreaded candy wrapper confetti and tyvek envelopes
    • work with guest designers in the business
    • Showcase your best work in the Beau Monde Society Fashion Show in SoHo on April 20th

      Maximum 8 students per class
      e-mail or call to register:
      917 699 8136